Custom Tailored Women’s Clothing


Become World Leader in Providing Our Customer Affordable World’s Clothing Sewn to Their Measurement and Style, Shipped in Just Two Days With Our Proprietary Processes P-One and Contribute towards Equitable World, Environment and Wealth for Our Shareholders.


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Develop P1 – Integrated Proprietary Innovative Processes for Customer Experience and Operation. Built using Information Technology, Technical Know how, Proprietary Design and Pattern Algorithm, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Human Learning to achieve the vision of

  • World Leader In Affordable Luxury Custom Tailored World’s Clothing.
  • Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Processes.
  • Create Value to Customers, Partners and Profit for Our Customers.

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We Strive to Make Made-to-Order Tailored World’s Clothing Universally Available At Most Affordable Price By Continuous Innovation of Human Technology.

Patrorna was created by young entrepreneurs as they realized it was difficult to find affordable tailor-made clothing. Like most other startups, they started from their own bedroom with money they could get from friends and family.

As the company grew, more young and passionate professionals joined the team and helped us grow the company following our vision: “the desire to spread comfortable, elegant and perfectly fitted clothing throughout the world “.

Since providing affordable tailor-made clothing requires design and process innovation, they have They have started with ready to wear four years ago and journey towards innovation has stared. In four years, journey brand is now proud of providing clothing in 19 sizes for all the styles. Four years later the innovative designing and operational processes has made the dream come true and enable them to start the journey towards tailor-made clothing. More than 100,000 customers have already placed their trust in us and we continue to serve you with ever greater rigor and intransigence on the quality of the clothing we manufacture. Our team based in Noida (Delhi NCR, India) along with our micro and solo entrepreneurs work hard to bring new ready to wear and custom-made products to you.

We are really proud of our Made in India. We want each customer to benefit from our innovative processes, technical know-how, proprietary pattern algorithm and expertise at an affordable price while guaranteeing working conditions that respect our employees and the environment.

We are committed to build a more equitable world. Buy less, buy better, buy clothes that will last and fit your body perfectly.

Patrorna: An Affordable Budget Premium Women’s and Girls Clothing Brand. Status: Launched

Cotton Kingdom: An Affordable Budget Premium Women’s and Girls Clothing Brand. Status: Launched

wearAstory: An Premium and Ultra Premium Women’s Clothing. We are in the Process of Launching this and Believe us once it is launched The Whole World Will Love this. Premium and Ultra Premium for Masses We will change the definition for the benefit to our Customers.

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